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For full rundown of my current legislation, click here.

HB 2056: Professions and occupations; proof of identity to obtain a license, etc.
HB 2057: Public benefits; eligibility of certain aliens.
HB 2058: Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; tenant's assertion, condemnation of leased premises.
HB 2059: Noncitizens of the United States; removes term aliens throughout Code.
HB 2060: Aboveground storage tanks; Hazardous Substance Aboveground Storage Tank Fund created.
HB 2061: Income tax, state; Virginia local journalism sustainability credits.
HB 2062: Towing enforcement; violations of current law subject to Va. Consumer Protection Act.
HB 2064: Historic rehabilitation; maximum amount of tax credit.
HB 2065: Income tax, state; create tax deduction for teaching materials.
HB 2067: Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Exam Fee Elimination Fund & Program; established.
HB 2068: Juveniles; prohibited sales and loans, clarifies definition of sexual conduct.
HB 2069: School boards; student member required.
HB 2071: Persons other than ministers who may perform rites of marriage; issuance of order, etc.
HB 2075: Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; terms and conditions of rental agreement.
HB 2387: Income tax, state; firearm safety device tax credit. 
HJ 523: Comprehensive community colleges, certain; JLARC to study waiver of tuition and mandatory fees.

HJ 524: Constitutional amendment; environmental justice (first reference).



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