“I’m running for Delegate to help build a better future for my little boys, my family and for you and your families. I pledge to continue fighting for better schools, a sustainable transportation solution, new jobs and our vibrant small businesses and the Arlington values we all hold dear.”

 Jobs and Small BusinessCreating Jobs, Sustaining and Supporting Small Business 

  •  As President Obama’s Assistant Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Alfonso understands the sacrifices and capital risks associated with opening and operating a small business.
  •  He respects that small businesses account for over half of all jobs in the United States and are critical to growing the economy and creating new jobs for the 49th District.
  •  Alfonso will take the lead to sustain the success of our diverse small businesses – from shops and restaurants on Columbia Pike to the retailers and merchants in Bailey’s Crossroads.
  •  Alfonso served in the Kaine Administration as a Member of the Virginia Stimulus/Recovery Act Leadership Team and organized regional economic development summits with the Governors of Virginia and Maryland and the Mayor of Washington, D.C.

 Education Delivering Accessible, Top Notch Schools and Protecting Teachers 

  • The importance of education for all was a driving force behind Alfonso’s upbringing, with his mother dedicating her life to Arlington County Schools and supporting ESOL programs and educating the children of immigrants.
  • Alfonso recognizes that tomorrow’s leaders are in our local schools. It is imperative they all have equal access to a high-quality Virginia education.
  • Our investment in the future’s leading minds begins with good teachers – protecting and promoting them is a key part of the strategy to prepare our children for the 21st century economy. 
  • Alfonso will support honoring our teachers with a professional wage so they don’t have to choose between making ends meet and serving our community.

Transportation and TransitSmart, Sound Investments and Solutions to Curb Congestion 

  • Alfonso believes we deserve to live in a community where transit is funded and transportation congestion is fixed.
  • Alfonso will fight to keep our fair share of transportation dollars in Northern Virginia, not shipped downstate.
  • Alfonso has years of experience working with Federal and State agencies to secure approval for large and small transportation projects.
  • He will continue to work tirelessly to promote smart growth policies and encourage transit opportunities in the region.
  • Alfonso will strongly oppose the use of general fund dollars allocated to public schools, first responders and social services to roads and off-ramps.

Energy and EnvironmentGreen Energy, Green Jobs and Safe Communities 

  • Alfonso has an environmental law background. He worked on environmental justice issues in the Clinton White House, toxic remediation issues in the U.S. Senate, offshore drilling in the Kaine Administration and helped pass the Safe Drinking Water Act and Clean Air Act Reauthorizations as an environmental advocate in D.C. 
  • Alfonso will fight for reduced greenhouse gases and dangerous emissions through energy efficiency programs, reductions in demand and promoting clean, renewable resources like biomass, wind and solar.
  • Alfonso will protect air and water quality for your family based on his work on the Clean Air Act and Safe Drinking Water Act and his efforts to revitalize the Chesapeake Bay. 
  • He will continue to advocate for and protect our environment from toxins and be a leading voice for conservation.

Civil Rights Delivering on Diversity, Tolerance and Solidarity

  • Alfonso has been a leader to promote tolerance, compassion and protect the civil rights of others as inherent American values.
  • Alfonso will protect a woman’s right to choose, defend the civil rights of all Virginians and promote the value of collective bargaining in the workplace.
  • Alfonso has worked diligently to fight off efforts in the General Assembly to pass a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage in Virginia.
  • Raised by parents who walked the road of social justice advocacy, Alfonso had a role in drafting the first In-State Tuition briefing paper presented to Governor Mark Warner. 
  • Alfonso will fight for legislation to codify employment non-discrimination and allow local governments to have non-discrimination policies for their employees.