In the News: Virginia lawmakers debate voting rights

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February 20, 2013, by CBS 6 - WTVR

Senate Bill 1077, 
also sponsored by Sen. Obenshain, calls for the State Board of Elections to check the immigration and citizenship status of voters through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) program.  Critics argue the bill could deny actual citizens the right to vote due to outdated information within the program.

“The use of SAVE to conduct systematic purges, places nationalized citizens in a separate disadvantaged class,” Del. Alphonso Lopez (D – Arlington) said.

Some Virginians said they feel the bill would label them as second-class citizens.

“When SB 1077 targets people like me and says we have to now again prove that we are now worthy of the full rights and responsibilities of a US citizen, I personally find that very offensive,” Tram Nguyen, Deputy Director of Virginia New Majority, said.

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