February 21, 2012

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February 21, 2012
Delegate Lopez’s Environmental/Green Industry Legislation Passes
Through the Virginia General Assembly

(Richmond, VA) Yesterday Delegate Lopez passed his first piece of legislation through the Virginia General Assembly. After being voted out of the House of Delegates (90-8) the bill passed through the Senate Transportation Committee with bi-partisan support and the full Virginia State Senate (40-0). It will now go to the Governor’s desk for a signature.

The bill, HB 780, will create standards for converting gas-powered internal combustion engine vehicles into fully electric vehicles in Virginia. These requirements will also create titling and registration processes for these vehicles and guarantee that converted electric vehicles meet proper safety inspection and mechanical requirements. 

“Today the Commonwealth took a step forward towards a cleaner environment and a stronger green industry sector,” said Lopez. “This legislation will make it safer and easier to convert gas powered vehicles into electric vehicles.”

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia State Police, and University of Virginia professors worked with Delegate Lopez to craft the necessary standards.  The requirements created by this legislation reflect the recommendations of these important stakeholders.

University of Virginia professors James Durand and David L. Slutzky currently teach a program called Ride Forward. In this program, engineering students get hands on experience converting gasoline vehicles into electric vehicles. As the technology becomes more affordable, new green companies could provide the conversion service for customers interested in converting their current vehicles. 



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