Del. Lopez Responds to Terrorism in Charlottesville

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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Like many of you, I was horrified by the open displays of hatred, racism, and violence by white supremacists and neo-Nazis in our great Commonwealth. As an elected representative of one of the most diverse communities in all of Virginia, I find it absolutely despicable that these individuals would bring their hatred and bigotry to our Commonwealth.

Let me be clear, they are not welcome here in Virginia. I will continue working with my colleagues in the General Assembly, the Governor’s Mansion, the Attorney General’s office, and other state, local, and federal officials to oppose their hatred, racism, and bigotry at every turn.

Our district represents the tremendous benefits that a diverse, open, and welcoming community has to offer for everyone in the Commonwealth. That is why I introduced a resolution in the General Assembly this past session to denounce the intimidation of residents of the Commonwealth and reaffirm our commitment to diversity, civil rights, and the dignity of all Virginians (HR303).

We cannot let those who would spread their hatred and bigotry continue to tarnish our state. The residents of the Commonwealth deserve to feel safe in their homes and communities from the threat of racism, xenophobia, and violent extremism.

Let’s continue working together to build a Commonwealth that lifts everyone up and leaves no one behind. As a community and a Commonwealth, we are stronger than any hatred, racism, fear or bigotry that these individuals use to try and tear us apart. Together, let’s keep Virginia moving forward!


Alfonso H. Lopez
Member, 49th District
Virginia House of Delegates


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