Alfonso Joins McAuliffe Transition Team

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Arlington Patch | November 15, 2013
by Jason Spencer


Chopra, Fisette, Lopez Among McAuliffe's Transition Team

"Chopra, for instance, has been heavily involved in the local startup scene and is an advocate for opening up government data to better inform the public and to create opportunities for entrepreneurs. Fisette, who is in line to be the next chairman of the local county board, champions clean energy and sustainable building practices. And Lopez has worked hard on Virginia DREAM Act legislation, which McAuliffe said on the campaign trail this year he would sign into law if and when it is passed.

'Having been on the staff for the transition team for Governor-elect Kaine, I have seen first hand how important this process is to the success of an administration. I look forward to assisting the team in any way I can' Lopez told Patch in an email."

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