Delegate Lopez Wins Over 75 Endorsements From Democratic Leaders and Organizations Across Virginia

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Delegate Lopez Wins Over 75 Endorsements From Democratic Leaders and Organizations Across Virginia

Momentum reaches all-time high 57 days out from June election

ARLINGTON, Va. – Today, Delegate Alfonso Lopez (D-Arlington) earned the endorsements of U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, former Governor Terry McAuliffe, and 75 other organizations and current and former Democratic elected officials representing Virginia at the local, state, and federal level for his re-election to the House of Delegates from the 49th district. Building on top of that momentum, Delegate Alfonso Lopez finished the fundraising period with over $102,000 in the bank going into the June Primary.   

"Alfonso is a trusted friend and adviser,” said Senator Kaine. “I've seen firsthand his tireless work on behalf of Virginia families and how deeply he cares about helping those in need. With his strong legislative and public policy experience, the people of the 49th District are lucky to have Alfonso as their voice in Richmond." 

“I am honored to have the support of so many elected officials and advocacy organizations who are helping to move Virginia forward,” said Delegate Lopez. “From championing legislation and increasing funding for the Virginia Affordable Housing Trust Fund to expanding Medicaid coverage to over 5,600 residents of the 49th district and 400,000 Virginians, I'm proud of what we've accomplished together. If re-elected, I vow to continue fighting for our community's progressive values in the General Assembly and across Virginia.”

Delegate Lopez was elected to his fourth term in 2017 and has a 100% rating from the Virginia Education Association, the Virginia League of Conservation Voters, and the Virginia A.F.L.-C.I.O. 

Full Endorsement List:

State Elected Officials

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine; former Governor (2006-2010)

Governor Terry McAuliffe (2014-2018)


Senate of Virginia

Senator Monty Mason, 1st District

Senator Mamie Locke, 2nd District; Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus

Senator Lionell Spruill, Sr., 5th District

Senator Jennifer McClellan, 9th District

Senator L. Louise Lucas, 18th District

Senator Jeremy McPike, 29th District

Senator Adam Ebbin, 30th District

Senator Janet Howell, 32nd District

Senator Scott Surovell, 36th District

Senator Dave Marsden, 37th District  


Virginia House of Delegates

Delegate Wendy Gooditis, 10th District

Delegate Sam Rasoul, 11th District

Delegate Chris Hurst, 12th District

Delegate Kelly Fowler, 21st District

Delegate Elizabeth Guzman, 31st District

Delegate David Reid, 32nd District

Delegate Kathleen Murphy, 34th District

Delegate Mark Keam, 35th District

Delegate Ken Plum, 36th District

Delegate David Bulova, 37th District

Delegate Kaye Kory, 38th District

Delegate Vivian Watts, 39th District

Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn, 41st District; Minority Leader of the Virginia House of Delegates

Delegate Kathy Tran, 42nd District

Delegate Mark Sickles, 43rd District

Delegate Paul Krizek, 44th District

Delegate Mark Levine, 45th District

Delegate Patrick Hope, 47th District

Delegate Rip Sullivan, 48th District

Delegate Hala Ayala, 51st District

Delegate Luke Torian, 52nd District

Delegate Marcus Simon, 53rd District

Delegate David Toscano, 57th District; Minority Leader Emeritus

Delegate Lashrecse Aird, 63rd District

Delegate Karrie Delaney, 67th District

Delegate Dawn Adams, 68th District

Delegate Betsy Carr, 69th District

Delegate Delores McQuinn, 70th District

Delegate Jeff Bourne, 71st District

Delegate Schuyler VanValkenburg, 72nd District

Delegate Debra Rodman, 73rd District

Delegate Lamont Bagby, 74th District; Chair of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus

Delegate Roslyn Tyler, 75th District

Delegate Cliff Hayes, Jr., 77th District

Delegate Steve Heretick, 79th District

Delegate Matthew James, 80th District

Delegate Cheryl Turpin, 85th District

Delegate John Bell, 87th District

Delegate Jay Jones, 89th District

Delegate Joseph Lindsey, 90th District

Delegate Jeion Ward, 92nd District

Delegate Mike Mullin, 93rd District  

Delegate Karen Darner, 49th District (former)  


Local Elected Officials/Candidates

Christian Dorsey, Chair of the Arlington County Board

Erik Gutshall, Arlington County Board Member

Matt de Ferranti, Arlington County Board Member

Jay Fisette, Arlington County Board Member (former)

J. Walter Tejada, Arlington County Board Member (former)

Chris Zimmerman, Arlington County Board Member (former)

Sharon Bulova, Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Mayor Justin Wilson, City of Alexandria

Reid Goldstein, Chair of the Arlington County School Board

Nancy Van Doren, Arlington County School Board Member  

Monique O'Grady, Arlington County School Board Member  

Emma Violand-Sanchez, Arlington County School Board Chair and Member (former)  

Paul Ferguson, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Arlington County & the City of Falls Church

Sheriff Beth Arthur, Arlington County

Ricardy Anderson, Fairfax County School Board - Mason District Candidate

Andres Tobar, House of Delegates - 47th District Candidate (former)



Virginia Education Association

Arlington Professional Firefighters & Paramedics Association

Clean Virginia

IBEW Local 26


Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters 





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