Smart Investments and Solutions to Curb Congestion 

"Northern Virginia is the economic engine for the rest of the Commonwealth. In order to continue providing that revenue, we must continue to improve our transportation infrastructure. I will always fight to keep our fair share of transportation dollars in Northern Virginia—not shipped downstate."


In the General Assembly, Alfonso successfully:

  • Helped pass Virginia’s first increase in dedicated transportation funding in over 27 years
  • Fought to secure dedicated funding for the Metrorail system.
  • Championed legislation protecting bicyclists in Virginia from being followed too closely by motorized vehicles.


As Delegate, Alfonso will support legislation that will: 

  • Provide a tax-break to businesses that initiate and document tele-work, tele-commuting and flex schedule plans. Virginia should emulate the innovative plans that the U.S. General Services Administration are initiating at the Federal level. 
  • Enhance funding mechanisms for transportation and transit infrastructure and maintenance in Northern Virginia.  
  • Provide tax incentives to individuals and businesses to encourage increased use of mass transit options.
  • Adjust the road maintenance formula allocations to better reflect the realities of 21st century Virginia. 
  • Require planning and provide dedicated funding for bicycle and trail improvements. 
  • Provide localities with more power to manage development and require that land-use decisions take into account traffic congestion considerations.