2022 Legislative Agenda


Delegate Alfonso Lopez

2022 Legislative Agenda


Housing Bills

HB 840

Strengthens tenant’s protections against retaliatory evictions

HB 868

Clarifies the duty of landlords to maintain fit, habitable standards in rental units

HB 882

Closing the Background Check Loophole in Firearm Sales

HB 885

Incorporates basic housing livability standards into the Statewide Building Code

HB 909

Prohibits housing discrimination based on immigration status

HB 1159

Directs the state to study options for increasing funding for low-income housing

Education Bills

HB 844

Reforms to protect student athletes from hate speech and racial slurs at school events

HB 846

Doubles the tax credit teachers receive to cover the cost of school supplies paid for out of their own pockets

Economic & Social Justice Bills

HB 848

Eliminates Virginia’s tax on diapers

HB 864

Expands access for occupational and professional licenses to noncitizens

HB 865

Transition assistance for displaced building maintenance workers

HB 875

Ensures Latino representation on Virginia’s Cannabis Boards

HB 876

Bans child labor on Virginia tobacco farms

HB 877

Ends the ban on public benefits for undocumented Virginians

HB 891

Eliminates derogatory language for noncitizens from the State Code

HB 1218

Virginia Anti-Predatory Towing Act

Criminal Justice Reform

HB 862

Mandates that public defenders receive the same pay as state prosecutors

HB 866

Ends automatic deportations for noncitizens in Virginia with misdemeanor convictions

HB 870

Mandates immediate questioning for police officers involved in shootings or abuse

HB 871

Expands the rights of the accused to access evidence presented against them in court

HB 908

Bans the inhumane use of canines against people incarcerated in Virginia prisons

Good Government Reforms

HB 880

Pilot program to explore expanding voting access to overseas Virginia voters

HB 1217

Virginia Local Journalism Sustainability Act

Environmental Protections

HB 899

Creates an inventory of aboveground tanks that house hazardous substances

HB 903

Establishes the Virginia Green Infrastructure Bank to finance projects that address climate change and carbon pollution

HB 905

Allows localities to set energy efficiency standards greater than state requirements

HB 918

Creates a program that would transfer the cost of recycling packaging materials from consumers to the companies that make them

HB 1219

Doubles the Virginia Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit

HJ 77

Proposes the addition of environmental justice policies into the Virginia State Constitution