Transportation and Transit

Transportation and TransitSmart, Sound Investments and Solutions to Curb Congestion 

 The residents of the 49th District deserve to live in a community where transit is funded and transportation congestion is fixed. 

 Northern Virginians lose hundreds of hours a year to gridlock – time better spent with loved ones and friends. Recent studies set the costs of congestion for the average Virginia driver at $1,000 a year. In 2009, the Washington Post reported that Northern Virginia has the second-worst congestion in the United States and it is only getting worse. 

 These facts not only affect each of us every day, they also have a severe impact on our region’s ability to thrive economically. Our region is attractive for businesses as a result of our thriving communities – our strong public schools and higher education system – and our solid infrastructure and transit opportunities. We are becoming a victim of our success. As we grow – without simultaneously improving our transportation network – we are limiting future economic development. Without significant upgrades and improvements to our transit and transportation systems, and adherence to sound growth policies, each of Northern Virginia’s main traffic arteries will experience severe gridlock during peak driving hours by 2030. 

 Northern Virginia is the economic engine for the rest of the Commonwealth. In order to continue providing that revenue in the future more must be done to improve our transportation infrastructure. I will always fight to keep our fair share of transportation dollars in Northern Virginia – not shipped downstate. 

 Alfonso has years of experience working with Federal and State agencies to secure approval for large and small transportation projects. While serving in the Kaine Administration, he regularly worked to find solutions for issues between Federal, State and Local officials on projects ranging from BRAC-related transportation concerns to highway infrastructure proposals to the Dulles Metrorail project. 

 He will continue to work tirelessly to promote smart growth policies and encourage increased transit opportunities in the region. 

Alfonso will support legislation to: 

  • Provide a tax-break to businesses that initiate and document tele-work, tele-commuting and flex schedule plans. Virginia should emulate the innovative plans that the U.S. General Services Administration are initiating at the Federal level. 
  • Improve bus lines and METRO service to make them even more efficient. 
  • Provide Northern Virginia with its own permanent funding mechanism for transportation, infrastructure, maintenance, and dedicated funding for public transit. 
  • Provide tax incentives to individuals and businesses to encourage increased use of mass transit options. 
  • Build on the Federal Recovery Act funding provided to Virginia for investment in inter-city high-speed rail. 
  • Adjust the road maintenance formula allocations to better reflect the realities of 21st Century Virginia. 
  • Require planning and provide dedicated funding for bicycle and trail improvements. 
  • Provide localities with more power to manage development and require that land-use decisions take into account traffic congestion considerations.