EducationTop Notch Schools, Accessible to All, Protecting Teachers 

Born into a family of educators, Alfonso’s Mom – Carole Lopez – dedicated her life to Arlington County Schools and supporting the dreams of ESOL children of immigrant families. As a result of her tireless work as a teacher and guidance counselor focusing on immigrant and ESOL children, close to 1,000 kids who could have been forgotten are now college graduates.

I understand the needs of our teachers and schools and will do everything in my power to preserve and improve the quality of our region’s public schools. Every child deserves an outstanding education to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century. I want to continue my Mom’s legacy. 

To continue to create jobs and remain competitive in the global economy, we must provide the funding necessary to keep our public education system among the best in the nation. 

A commitment to education is a critical part of preserving and revitalizing the social safety net. From the quality of Arlington and Fairfax County Public Schools to Virginia’s nationally recognized higher education institutions, we are blessed with today’s leading minds molding the development of tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs. However, it is imperative that everyone has equal access to a high-quality education. 

It starts with making a real commitment to and investment in teachers. Serving our communities and families as a teacher shouldn’t be a choice between living what you love and making ends meet. We need to honor our teachers with a quality, professional wage here in the 49th District and all over the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I also want to ensure the opportunities and programs my father tapped into when he came here from Venezuela with $260 in his pocket. With a lot of hard work he graduated from NOVA Community College. Then – after taking one course a semester – he graduated from George Mason University one month before I graduated from high school. 

Here in the 49th district, we know that a dollar invested in education is a dollar invested in our economy. Our economic development strategy and attracting good jobs starts with a great education open to all.

Alfonso will support legislation to: 

  • Increase participation in Pre-K programs. Science tells us that 90% of a child’s brain development occurs before age five. We must expand voluntary Pre-K programs for more four-year-olds.
  • Provide funds to reduce class sizes and meet Virginia’s Standards of Learning. 
  • Create programs to help special needs, non-English-speaking and gifted students. 
  • Expand opportunities for Northern Virginians in the state colleges and universities. 
  • Increase funding, access and support for Virginia’s vibrant community college system. 
  • Ensure that teachers are paid a quality, professional wage – not just in Northern Virginia – but all over the Commonwealth.