Civil Rights

Civil RightsDelivering on Diversity, Tolerance and Solidarity

We know that tolerance, compassion and protecting the civil rights of others are inherent American values. A son of a Venezuelan immigrant in a nation built and served with the labor of immigrants, Alfonso has fought to make sure that we all have a chance to achieve the American Dream.  

He has worked diligently as an activist to expand the rights of others, including as a Member of the Commonwealth Coalition Board where he helped fight efforts in the General Assembly to pass a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage. 

As a part of the vibrant Latino community in Northern Virginia, Alfonso has worked for years on immigration and workers’ justice issues. In 2003-04, he had a role in drafting the first In-State Tuition briefing paper presented to Governor Warner. He also served for several years on the Board of the Shirlington Employment and Education Center. 

Born to a family rooted in the labor movement, I have fought for the rights of workers. My parents taught me the importance of social justice, continuing education and ensuring that everyone has a path to achieve the American Dream.  They also taught me the critical role that unions have played in that process.  While working in the U.S. Senate, I put those values into action addressing various Labor issues – including OSHA regulatory improvements and environmental/labor components of various trade agreements.

 Suffice it to say I will always fight the likes of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans in their attempts to pass legislation curtailing the rights of labor unions. Specifically, I support collective bargaining rights for workers. 

As the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia State Chair from 2005 to 2010, Alfonso organized and led the statewide effort to create the first Latino Caucus in the history of the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA). He also led the three-year effort to amend the DPVA by-laws and create a pathway for new groups to be represented on the State Central Steering Committee. As a result of this effort, representatives from the Military & Veterans’ Family, LGBT, and Latino Caucuses now sit on the DPVA Steering Committee. 

Alfonso believes strongly in a woman’s right to choose. 

Alfonso will support legislation to: 

  • Repeal the 2006 constitutional amendment prohibiting domestic partnerships and civil unions. 
  • Codify employment non-discrimination and allow local governments to have non-discrimination policies for their employees. 
  • Implement In-State Tuition benefits for children who graduate from a Virginia high school, are accepted by an institution of higher education in Virginia, whose parents can prove they pay taxes and that they are  in the process of becoming naturalized. 
  • Implement comprehensive immigration reform. 
  • Defend the civil rights of all Virginians. 
  • Defend a woman’s right to choose.