2019 Constituent Survey

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to complete my constituent survey. Your answers will help me represent your position on important issues facing the General Assembly. 

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1.) What are the three most important issues facing the General Assembly this year? (Check three)

2.) As the founder and Co-Chair of the Virginia Environment & Renewable Energy Caucus, Del. Lopez fights for clean air, safe drinking water, safer communities, coastal protection, energy efficiency, conservation, and remediation of toxic sites. He has been working to increase renewable energy options in Virginia. Do you support or oppose his efforts to:

3.) To improve our education system, I support: (Check all that apply)

4.) The 49th District is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse in Virginia. As the leader in the House of Delegates over the last several years addressing the needs of New Americans and immigrants, do you support or oppose Delegate Lopez's efforts to:

5.) Please indicate whether you support or oppose the following health care initiatives:

6.) To reduce gun violence, which of the following do you support? (Check all that apply)

7.) In your opinion, the best way to help jump-start Virginia's economy would be: (Check one)

8.) Please use this space to share additional thoughts: